Mark Ford

Mark Ford is the editor of the Wealth Builders Club and co-founder of the Palm Beach Research Group (which oversees the U.S. chapter of WBC). Mark started his first business when he was 11 years old. In the decades since then, he’s started hundreds more.

In 1982, Mark moved to Palm Beach County and took a job with a small publishing company. He worked as an apprentice to a well-known businessman in South Florida. He helped that company grow to $135 million in annual revenues, became a multimillionaire himself, and retired at age 39.

After a year of writing poetry, he became a consultant to the health and investment publishing industry. He was involved in the development of dozens of multimillion-dollar businesses, including one whose revenues recently exceeded the $400 million mark.

He has also written a dozen books on entrepreneurship, personal productivity and wealth building. Three of these were New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers.

After turning 60, Mark “retired” again. He now focuses on growing his investments and writing for the Palm Beach Research Group.

Mark currently lives in Palm Beach with his wife, Kathy.

Michelle Hammond

Michelle is the club director of Wealth Builders Club Australia. With a double degree in journalism and performance studies, she began her career as an intern at Perth Woman Magazine before becoming editorial team leader of the North West Telegraph, in WA’s Pilbara region, where she witnessed firsthand the extent of the mining boom (and wrote about it extensively).

Michelle then spent three years working as a business journalist for StartupSmart, where she interviewed Australia’s hottest start-ups and entrepreneurs, before embarking on a 12-month working holiday in Canada.

After returning to Australia in mid-2014, Michelle helped launch the Australian chapter of the Wealth Builders Club. As a direct link to Mark, Michelle’s job is to address any questions you may have about the program, or about Mark himself. In doing so, Michelle hopes to enhance the wealth-building journey of every single WBCA member.

Originally from Perth, Michelle has been living in Melbourne since 2010. You can email her at questions@wealthbuildersclub.com.au.